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Patient Testimonials

avatarI tell friends and family who have asked that getting hearing aids has been one of my best decisions ever. I also tell them my experiences with you and your office staff has been fantastic. My hearing aids have made so many things much clearer than before. I thought I could hear everything fine & wondered why everyone mumbled at times before. Plus "Huh" is no longer in my vocabulary. I went to one other hearing aid office but did not feel totally confident in their explanation & felt rushed to make a decision. At Harmony Hearing my experience was enjoyable and I felt comfortable and confident I was in the right place. I am not one who easily gives out references but with Harmony Hearing I would have no problem referring them to anyone who even thinks they may need hearing aids.

Carl V. - Bel Air, MD 21014
avatarDear Dr. Smith, Thanks very much for helping me get a huge component of my life back. My hearing problem has been an issue not just at home but also my career as a musician and teacher! I love my new hearing aids!!!!!!!!!!!! They are easy to operate, comfortable, and to change batteries when needed. With all of the technology available having the changing mode setting for musicians is awesome! I cannot thank you enough for your time and professionalism explaining my hearing problems, testing me with the hearing aids and sharing all the ins and outs of them. It was such a privilege having you guide me thru this journey. It has made such a tremendous difference in my teaching, church work and personal life. You truly are a step above with your services through the use of your cutting-edge-technology. With much appreciation.

Diana C. - Abingdon, MD 21009
avatarI was impressed with the new technology. It's great not to have to have people repeat what they are saying. Up to date with the latest technology and thorough testing. Don't delay. The hearing devices are so small most people won't know you are wearing one.

Ida M. - Abingdon, MD 21009
avatarMake an appointment with Harmony Hearing to have your hearing tested. I now hear things that I had forgotten what they sounded like: birds chirping, papers rustling, actual conversations of those around me. The list is endless. Very thorough testing and explanation of my particular problem and how to remedy the hearing loss. Very professional. Please, at the very least get tested. Hearing aids will open a whole new world and bring back the part you are missing.

Nancy M. - Abingdon MD 21009
avatarDr. Perry, when I first came to you a few weeks ago, I was wearing one hearing aid fitted by an audiologist. Sorry to say her office was still outfitted in the dark ages. At the time I was a first time wearer; I didn't know what to expect from a hearing aid. I thought it just squealed and corrected one's hearing a little bit. I was miserable. Not only could I not hear from that ear, but I felt completely disoriented to my environment. I lived like this for 2 1/2 years. I just didn't know any better.
Luckily, I saw your website and called to schedule a visit. After an exhaustive examination, you recommended 2 hearing aids - one to replace the one I was wearing and one to make a small correction in the other ear. You advised me - the other audiologist wanted me to advise her on what I needed. How absurd!
Using both hearing aids has restored my hearing. Not only do I hear better, I feel oriented again to the environment. I feel "normal" again.
Again, thank you for your patience, understanding, and expertise in working with me. I really appreciated the attention I received... and I feel much better!

Albert S. - Nottingham, MD 21236