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Patient Testimonials

avatarMy husband is able to talk to his sons in person and on the telephone. To quote one of my sons, "It was wonderful to be able to talk to Dad again." My husband is interacting again with people wherever he goes. I feel he has a new lease on life. He had been withdrawing from everyone because he couldn't hear. Hearing aids have made a big difference in his life. I find Harmony Hearing services much superior to other services my husband has had. I have already told many people of the improvement in my husband's hearing and health since he has acquired his new hearing aids.

Helen G. - Forest Hill, MD 21050
avatarThe doctor is very informative and has all the state of the art equipment. He takes his time to explain about the tests and all kinds of hearing aids. Hearing aids have been a big improvement in my life. Things don't have to be turned up loud and people don' t have to talk loud. In many ways it is safer. Compared to services I've received previously elsewhere, this experience was much more informative, and the doctor takes the time to work out any problem you have. Don't let distance stop you from making an appointment with Harmony Hearing & Audiology because it will be well worth the time and visit.

Joseph F. - Baltimore, MD 21206
avatarMy experience with Harmony Hearing & Audiology was excellent! Would highly recommend! Exceptional customer service - friendly, courteous + patient - go above and beyond the norm. Always there to help and advise. Hearing aids have improved my mother's life - she had ill fitting and the wrong aids from somewhere else, but the doctor repaired them and has worked with my elderly mother to help her learn how to clean and maintain the hearing aids. Now she can hear! I do not have a comparison to any organizations, but I am in business and I wish my company was as customer focused! Do not hesitate to contact Harmony Hearing - they are the best!

Cathy S. - Edgewood, MD 21040
avatarAbsolutely terrific! Very caring and personalized. Patient and answered every question. The hearing test was most thorough. Testing with different hearing aids made the difference. These hearing aids are the cat's meow! It is hard to explain just how much my wife and friends appreciate the fact that I have them. I have fallen asleep with them in because they are so comfortable. Compared to other organizations Harmony Hearing is much more caring and interested in my perspective. Do yourself a favor and stop in for a hearing test. You will be saying, "Why haven't I done this sooner?!"

Harold T. - Forest Hill, MD 21050
avatarProfessional, highly competent as well as personable and patient. Trisha Bents is the best audiologist I have had in over 25 years of hearing aid experience. She was very good at explaining the advanced technology, the hearing aid instruments, and the range of choices. She made her recommendation to fit my personal needs without any pressure. Excellent all around experience. I have had hearing aids for 25 years and they have definitely improved my quality of life. Interacting with people at work, and at home, and with family and friends is central to my life. I wear hearing aids to both enhance my life and relationships as well as benefit those who relate to me. I think it is unfair for others to have to adapt and adjust to my loss if I am unwilling to do my part. Compared to other services I've previously received through other organizations, Harmony Hearing is the best! Cyndy Balsano sees that people coming to Harmony are warmly received and is very sensitive to all, and especially in my observation, to people coming in for their first evaluation. I highly recommend Harmony Hearing to anyone considering hearing help, as well as people like me, who will be very happy they came.

Mary Anne O. - Baltimore, MD 21231