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Oticon Alta Hearing Aid Promises “Personalized” Sound Experience

Oticon Alta Hearing Aid Promises “Personalized” Sound Experience
January 16, 2013 DrPerry

Oticon Alta Hearing AidIt looks like Oticon’s next big thing is called the “Alta”. It hasn’t appeared on the U.S. website yet (as of this writing), but from what I’ve gathered from Oticon’s worldwide site, it looks intriguing.

Of course, it includes the next generation of advanced hearing aid technologies wrapped in fancy names: “Speech Guard E”, “Spatial Sound Premium”, “Feedback Shield”, etc. But the most unique feature appears to be the way the hearing aid is programmed.

Oticon Alta’s hearing aid programming process recognizes the fact that two different people hear things in different ways – even if, on paper, their hearing loss is identical. The Alta’s programming software allows audiologists to present various sounds to the patient during the programming process, in an effort to determine their acoustic preferences. The details on how this is accomplished are still a little unclear (at this time), but my guess is it involves an A/B comparison of certain types of sounds.

We, at Harmony Hearing & Audiology, have been using recordings of real-world sounds during our hearing aid programming process for quite some time. But this is the first time I’ve seen it integrated to this extent in the hearing aid manufacturer’s software. As an official supplier of Oticon hearing aids in Bel Air, we’ll be able to offer the Oticon Alta as soon as it becomes available.